Personalized blanket for kids



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155*200 cm 41.99 €

Personalized blanket - the best gift for babies and children

If you are looking for the perfect and unique gift for a baby shower or birth, or searching for the right present for a christening or child's birthday, look no further because you are looking at the gift that has delighted many children and even more parents.

This soft warm blanket can be personalized with the child's name. In addition to printing the child's name on the blanket, you can choose a desired motif from those offered and select one of the 16 available blanket colors. All of this is very easy to do in our configurator.

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Free blanket personalization

Product personalization is something we've embraced from the very start, and over time it has become our hallmark. Each of our products can be tailored to your preferences, and we not only enable personalization but actively encourage it.

Unlike other online stores, with us, personalization is completely free. There are no additional fees for adding your baby or child's name to the product, nor do we charge for personalization by the number of letters.

For those who prefer a blanket without personalization or without an image, our configurator offers the option to remove the image, while for a blanket without a baby or child's name, simply leave the name field blank.

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Quality craftsmanship

With over 2,000 Facebook and 250 Google positive reviews, the quality of our products is undeniable. This blanket is no exception when it comes to quality. In fact, among numerous reviews, it is the blanket that has received the most compliments.

We regularly receive praise, but the compliments that mean the most to us come from parents whose children have been proudly using their unique blankets for years. Blankets have been a part of our offering since the brand was founded, but we have continually improved them to perfection.

From easy maintenance and high-quality material to precise machine embroidery for the desired motif and the baby or child's name, this blanket is something every child simply must have.

Interestingly, the blanket was the second product we offered, right after the pillow, yet it tops the list of our best-selling products, breaking all records.

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Wide range of colors

Over the years, we have carefully listened to your wishes and expanded the color palette of our blankets. Today, we can boast an impressive 16 colors available in our configurator. In the configurator, you will definitely have your hands full creating the best combination of motifs and colors, from lighter ones like white, pearl gray, light green, light blue, pale pink, and beige, to darker ones like dark purple, navy blue, royal blue, red, and dark gray.

We apologize in advance for taking up much of your time in choosing the ideal color. 😅

Available sizes

Although we started our journey with just one size of blanket, today we have as many as three: 75*110 cm, 110*155 cm, and 155*200 cm. The smallest size is suitable for babies and children up to about 2-3 years of age, the medium-sized blankets are for children aged at least 3 years, and the largest ones are for children who have already outgrown you in height 🤣

Fast delivery

In the reviews of our satisfied customers, you will often come across praises for fast production and delivery. We are very proud of that! 😍

We understand that gifts are always purchased last minute, so we got to work and significantly shortened the production time. Therefore, you won't be waiting for our products as if we don't care about you and your gifts, but we will approach this challenge as if it were our own gift.

However, we cannot provide you with the production and delivery time for the blanket here, as it is variable and depends on the current workload. However, you can definitely find this information in the cart after adding the product to it. You can definitely take this delivery time for granted, as we treat it as if it were the most important thing in the world. 😀

Composition of materials

The blanket is made of high-quality 100% polyester. The material is perfect for winter blankets due to its excellent heat retention capability, surpassing other materials in this regard. Additionally, this material composition allows for very easy maintenance and durability.

If you want only 100% cotton blankets for your child, we have a solution for that too! Below you will find a 100% cotton blanket with the same personalization options.

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Possibility to create sets

Another good thing in our web store is the ability to create product sets. So, you will be able to purchase this product in a set with a matching cushion, or in a set with a cushion and a towel. Trust us, it's worth taking a look at that too. Links to these products are below.

Personalized set for kids - cushion and blanket

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Personalized set for kids - pillow, blanket and towel

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