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Personalized bean bag for kids

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Bean bag

53.99 €        Dodaj u košaricu   

63.99 €        Dodaj u košaricu   

Bean bag
From 2 to 9 years 53.99 €
From the age of 10 63.99 €

Children's beanbag with the child's name - an ideal personalized children's gift

Caution! This bean bag may cause uncontrollable lounging. Use with caution! 😜 Although the previous statement is not far from the truth, we don't want to scare you. After all, the bean bag is not for you but for children who have the right to some lounging 😅

Lounging is definitely inevitable, but the bean bag will mostly be used for children's play and frolics.

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Ideal for any space

Thanks to its charming design and compact dimensions, this bean bag fits perfectly in any child's room, living room, or even on a balcony. It is easily movable and adaptable to your needs.

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Free personalization of the bean bag

Product personalization is something we have adhered to from the very beginning, and over time it has become our trademark. Every product we offer can be customized to your wishes, and we not only enable personalization but also encourage it.

Unlike other online stores, personalization with us is completely free. There are no additional fees for adding your baby's or child's name to the product, nor is personalization charged by the number of letters. Thus, you can decorate the bean bag with your child's name without any extra costs.

For those who prefer a bean bag without personalization or without a picture, our configurator offers the option to remove the picture, while for a bean bag without a child's name, it is enough to leave the name field empty.

Quality craftsmanship and easy maintenance

Over 2000 positive Facebook and 250 Google reviews are proof that the quality of our products is unquestionable. And the bean bag does not differ in quality from our other products.

The product is made of high-quality materials. The sturdy cover and inner bag filled with styrofoam provide durability and resilience. The stitching used for applying designs and names on the product is precise and of high quality, and it is resistant to fading, making it superior compared to printed products.

Inspirational motifs and colors

From cheerful animals to always interesting balls, cars, and tractors, our collection of motifs will not leave you without choices.

When using our configurator, you will certainly have fun choosing from various combinations of motifs and colors, from lighter shades like light gray and beige, to darker ones such as dark purple, royal blue, red, dark pink, and dark gray.

We apologize in advance for you spending a lot of time searching for the perfect combination of colors and motifs. 😅

And for an even better experience (and time-saving, we hope 😉), let the child, the future owner of this personalized bean bag, choose the perfect color and motif combination.

Available sizes

For years, the bean bag was available in only one size, for children up to 10 years old, but we have recently introduced larger bag dimensions so that children older than 10 years can also enjoy them.

Fast delivery

In the reviews of our satisfied customers, you will often come across praises for fast production and delivery. We are very proud of that! 😍

We understand that gifts are always bought at the last minute, so we have dived into work and maximally shortened the production time. Therefore, you won't be waiting for our products as if we don't care about you and your gifts, but we will tackle this challenge as if it were our own gift.

However, here we cannot provide you with the time needed for production and delivery as it is variable and depends on the current workload. Nevertheless, you can find this information in the cart after adding the product to it. You can definitely take the delivery time for granted because we consider it as if it were the most important thing in the world. 😀

If you need even faster delivery, we have a solution for that as well. Namely, in the shopping cart, we offer the option of extra payment for ultra-fast production and delivery. Therefore, this time you won't have to look for an alternative solution.