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Personalized poncho for kids

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32.9 €        Dodaj u košaricu   

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36.9 €        Dodaj u košaricu   

From 1 to 2 years 32.9 €
From 3 to 4 years 34.9 €
From 5 do 6 years 36.9 €

Beach poncho - A towel for babies and kids that will make every summer vacation easier

Prepare your kids for summer adventures with our personalized children's poncho! It's perfect for the beach and sea, but also essential for swimming at pools and spas. Additionally, it will be very useful after every bath at home.

This personalized children's poncho is made of 100% premium quality cotton and is exceptionally soft, providing comfort and sun protection, as well as great absorbency. Once you wrap your child in this poncho, regular towels will become a thing of the past. 😜

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Material Composition

The poncho is made of 100% cotton material, making it safe for children's skin. The material has good absorbent properties, dries quickly, and protects children's skin from the sun.

Free poncho personalization

Our dedication to product personalization has been with us from the very beginning, making it one of our distinctive features. Every product in our range can be tailored to your preferences, and we not only enable personalization but actively encourage it.

Unlike other online stores, with us, personalizing the children's poncho does not incur any additional costs. Adding your child's name to the poncho is completely free, without extra charges for the number of letters or similar. 😀

For buyers who prefer a simpler poncho without personalized details or images, our configurator allows the option to exclude these elements. If you do not wish to add your child's name to the poncho, simply skip entering the name in the designated field.

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Quality craftsmanship and easy maintenance

More than 2000 positive reviews on Facebook and 250 on Google confirm the quality of our products. This children's poncho is no exception when it comes to quality.

Easy maintenance, high-quality material, and precise machine embroidery used to stitch the desired design and child's name make this poncho something that every child simply must have.

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Inspirational designs and colors

From cheerful little animals to the ever-popular football, cars, and tractors, our collection of designs will not leave you without choices.

By using our configurator, you will certainly enjoy choosing from various combinations of designs and colors. From lighter shades like light grey and beige to darker ones such as royal blue, red, dark pink, and dark grey.

We apologize in advance for the time you will spend searching for the perfect combination of colors and designs. 😅

And for an even better experience (and time savings, we hope 😉), let the child, the future owner of this lovely poncho, choose the perfect color and design combination.

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Available sizes

  • From 1 to 2 years: width 55 cm, height 55 cm
  • From 3 to 4 years: width 65 cm, height 65 cm
  • From 5 to 6 years: width 70 cm, height 74 cm
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Fast delivery

In the reviews of our satisfied customers, you will often come across praise for the fast production and delivery. We are extremely proud of that! 😍

We are aware that gifts are often purchased last minute, so we have minimized the production time to the maximum. You won't have to wait long for our products as we strive to deliver them as if they were our own gifts.

However, we cannot provide you with the production and delivery time here as it is variable and depends on the current workload. Nevertheless, you can find this information in the cart after adding the product. You can definitely take this delivery time for granted because we treat it as if it were the most important thing in the world. 😀

If you need even faster delivery, we have a solution for that too. In the cart, we offer the option to pay extra for ultra-fast production and delivery. This time, you won't have to look for an alternative solution.